5 facts about Minecraft alpha 1.1.2

Does anyone remember the times in which Minecraft was just a barebones game? That was Minecraft alpha.

It is actually quite a different experience from the latest version of the game.

It is way more simplistic and straightforward compared to what we have today. No potions, no enchants and no creative mode. Just to name a few.

Whether you have played Minecraft alpha or not, you might find these facts interesting.

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Unknown Battle Review

Have you ever bought one of these “10 random steam keys” on really REALLY reputable sites?

Please, don’t fall for these kinds of products even if they are cheap and look like you get more out of it.

However, the only benefit you will receive from random steam keys is mental distress.

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VPN services – what are they?

As we all know the Internet is a vast place of seemingly infinite amounts of knowledge and information, no one has ever discovered every corner of it!

Though with all great and good things, there are always people that want to take advantage of it… At the cost of others, stealing their information and credentials.

Much of being taken advantage of is at the cost of your information, even if you think you have nothing to hide, you couldn’t be more wrong.

But you might be asking now: “What the hell is a VPN?”

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How to improve in CS:GO

You want to become a better player overall? Take a look here at my comprehensive guide for improving in CS:GO more effectively!

Aim maps on which you have to shoot at green dots are trash, let’s get that straight out-of-the-way for simplicity’s sake, though I might later elaborate on that.

So, do you feel like you want to become better for one reason or another?

Okay, listen out, there are really passive ways and also fairly active things you can do to up your game quite quickly and have a little head start over other new players if you are one yourself, though these suggestions will help older players as well.

Little notice: these points are not sorted by absolute effectiveness or anything, since everyone is and improves better differently.

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