5 facts about Minecraft alpha 1.1.2

minecraft alpha huge cave with water fall

Does anyone remember the times in which Minecraft was just a barebones game? That was Minecraft alpha.

It is actually quite a different experience from the latest version of the game.

It is way more simplistic and straightforward compared to what we have today. No potions, no enchants and no creative mode. Just to name a few.

Whether you have played Minecraft alpha or not, you might find these facts interesting.

1. Redstone takes a long time to mine

minecraft alpha redstone takes a long time to mine
It consumes so much time and isn’t useful if you’re not into it

Redstone in Minecraft alpha is really simple.

There are no repeaters, no comparators or no pistons. Just Redstone torches and Redstone itself.

You can only build simple gates and manipulate doors that way.
Or to trigger TNT from distance.

The fact that Redstone takes 4.5 seconds to mine with an iron pickaxe does no good for its usefulness. Today it takes 0.75 seconds.

Usually, you’ll end up building piles and chests up full of Redstone and it will never see the daylight again.

2. There are no biomes

minecraft alpha no biomes just grass and trees
Tree leaves and grass have the same color since there are no biomes

Biomes have been added to the game in the very next version in alpha 1.2.

But in 1.1.2 there are no biomes, the foliage is always the same and the colors are so vibrant compared to later versions.

However, alpha had the most terrain features when it came to heights and unique generation oddities out of any other version.

Therefore, sometimes you can discover ridiculous overworld caves and cliff overhangs you would never see these days.

3. You punch sheep

minecraft alpha punching sheep for wool
The left sheep received some beating that made its wool fall off

There are no shears for obtaining wool from sheep.

Instead, you have to hit them with anything you like.

You may want to punch sheep with your bare hands or just with your pickaxe.

Other than that obtaining wool has never changed all too much.

4. There are no dyes

Ironically, the rose isn’t in the latest version of the game anymore

There is no colored wool in Minecraft alpha. The same goes for glass.

Basically, dandelions and roses in this version of the game are purely cosmetic and just there to make the world a bit prettier.

As a result, all the sheep are white and look the same.

Ironically, roses do not exist in the latest game version anymore as they have been replaced with poppies that serve as a source for red dye.

5. Food does not stack

minecraft alpha food does not stack
Food in Minecraft alpha does not stack at all

This goes for all types of food such as bread.

Other than that, food is also consumed instantly and its only purpose isn’t to replenish a hunger bar, it regenerates health.

Food acts as an instant health source and is the only way to regain it.
Unless you play on peaceful difficulty.

However, there is another thing you should keep in mind when cooking meat in Minecraft alpha.

Since it can’t be stacked, you need to cook every piece one by one.


That concludes the end of 5 random facts about Minecraft alpha.

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