5 Ways To Bid Effectively On Job Marketplaces

Good day! I want to talk about how to increase your chances that your bid is being awarded a project in sites like Freelancer.com or UpWork.

It can be difficult to stand out in the wave of proposals with +100 5 star reviews or automated bids.

This is for writers that are new to platforms like the above mentioned.

Here are 5 tips to increase your chances that your bid is awarded.

Tell them who you are

I don’t mean, tell them your age and where you are from unless they ask for it.

Tell them how many years of experience you have, what you do and how it benefits others.

If you mention key attributes like these you instantly catch the employer’s attention.

Obviously, if you only have one year of experience, you probably shouldn’t mention it, but you can add that you have completed plenty of similar projects.

Just don’t forget to fill your portfolio with examples before you claim that.

Make your strongest point stand out!

Be polite and authentic

Most proposals are copy-pasted.

You can easily see that, especially when the project description asks for something specific.

Just look at the number of proposals that seem to not even acknowledge what the project is about.

The automated or copy-pasted proposals usually also lack any form of formalities.

This is where you can score.

Read the description, answer any questions in there and tell them how your services can be beneficial to them specifically for their project.

This shows you actually know what they want and at the same time you showed them you know how to do it.

It will make you look more like a human than a machine.

Avoid bidding on employers without any reviews

This is something I really don’t like saying because the same can be said for hiring freelancers.

However, if you are new with limited resources, you are better off bidding thoughtfully.

There are a lot of projects that will never have a freelancer awarded.

Especially employers with 0 reviews tend to send out projects and will never come back to award someone.

But, if you feel like a project seems worthwhile from someone with 0 reviews, go ahead and try.

My first project was with an employer without any previous history.

The chances are very small though.

Show off previously completed projects related to the project from you

Link them some previously completed projects or lead them to your portfolio.

Showing that you got what it takes and solidifying your claims on your abilities is extremely valuable.

It increases your trustworthiness by a thousandfold and makes employers more willing to invest something into you.

Pay attention to showcase only your most relevant and recent work to the employer.

If you do not have any work experience, you are in a tight spot, but it is possible to create your own.

Write an article and pretend to write it for a paying client. Make it perfect!

And then, make more of it!

You can add these to your portfolio to showcase what your abilities are.

Keep it short and simple

You have probably heard that no one has time these days.

The same goes for the people that scroll through all proposals.

Do not add any fluff, lies or complicated phrases to your proposal. Keep it short and crispy.

If you caught their attention, you can always answer their questions after they have contacted you.


There we go, five tips on how to increase your chances that your bid is awarded.

If you have more ideas or advice on how to increase chances, feel free to leave a comment down below.

Also, any feedback will be appreciated.

Have a nice day and happy bidding!

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