Changes of a blog

Welcome to my personal site and blog, where I will post about web development and writing.

This post is a little comprehensive list of what I changed and what I didn’t like about my previous approach.

Here is a quick overview of what has changed about this site.

Defined topics my blog covers

Something I was not satisfied with previously, was that I had no specific topic my blog would be about.

I would be writing about everything, but nothing really in-depth that had value to readers since I tried to focus on many things at once.

Now, my blog will strictly be about myself, writing and freelancing related topics. (Except for the occasional, fun, off-topic post.)

I believe that this is a good change and will benefit readers and writers alike if more value is put into single pieces than spread out all over the place.

The difficulty of establishing knowledge

The more topics you try to expose yourself to, the more you have to keep up with different things at the same time, including yourself.

Everything is changing, this goes for almost anything you can imagine, especially within the digital space.

When you fail to keep up with something, you will be left behind and not able to compete with people that work in the same niche or branch as you do.

This is what happened to me, I felt like I couldn’t keep up with all the news, discoveries and great things that happened in the past for every topic I wanted to cover.

It’s not a rational thing to try long-term.

Too little value

One of the topics I tried to cover was video games.

What I realized is that there are people out there that dedicate their whole time and career to video games. They review them, analyze stories or call out the horrible things video game publishers do these days.

There is no way someone can reach that degree of quality who tries to take on 10 niches or topics.


I hope this explains why I changed the content of my blog and took off the old content.

Focusing on a few topics and becoming great at them is way better than trying to cover everything and be decent at all of the topics, but that’s just my opinion.

Do you have any questions? Feedback? Please, comment down below if you have anything to say or any thoughts. I appreciate every single one whether it is negative or positive.

Have a nice day!

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