How to improve in CS:GO

You want to become a better player overall? Take a look here at my comprehensive guide for improving in CS:GO more effectively!

Aim maps on which you have to shoot at green dots are trash, let’s get that straight out-of-the-way for simplicity’s sake, though I might later elaborate on that.

So, do you feel like you want to become better for one reason or another?

Okay, listen out, there are really passive ways and also fairly active things you can do to up your game quite quickly and have a little head start over other new players if you are one yourself, though these suggestions will help older players as well.

Little notice: these points are not sorted by absolute effectiveness or anything, since everyone is and improves better differently.

Train reliable aim

Probably the first thing that pops up in most of the new players just starting out CS:GO is that they need to improve their ability to aim precisely, which is indeed really important. So instead of using “green dots” that randomly appear on a pane in quick succession for training you should rather use actual scenarios.

What do I mean by that?

Strictly, you could just play casual deathmatch and get better that way if you really focus on aiming than spraying.

Or you could check out this workshop map out!

Just follow the instructions on the bottom of the linked page and you are able to play this map for constant aim training since no one can kill or interrupt you in any way, which is a much more effective use of practice time.

The practice map includes covers and options you can choose and toggle on top by shooting them

So why are “green-dot-reflex-only-maps” not that great

These maps aren’t that great when it comes to training, neither aim nor reflexes simply because for reflexes our brain works better with familiar things.

If we play a lot of static aim maps where we shoot green dots, then we react on green dots more likely than before since our brain has conditioned itself like that.

The problem is that enemy players do not look like green dots and this visual cue is really important for when it comes to reflexes and also aim.

Sure, they might train your muscle memory a good bunch, but it is much more important to include actual factors that matter into your practice, like moving targets or even sound cues to predict where an enemy’s head will appear.

Practice spray patterns

Spray patterns are also really important in certain situations if you for example miss the initial first shot with the AK-47 against your opponent’s head or if you haven’t lined up your crosshair properly which can happen quite often since sometimes it can be hard or not possible in hasty or quick circumstances.

Basically, every weapon in CS:GO has an iconic spray pattern which is visible when you just take any rifle and shoot its whole magazine against a wall in a game without bots or on the practice map mentioned above!

AK-47 spray pattern example
With the tracers on you can see exactly how a pattern looks like!

Your goal is to try to focus all the bullets down to one point (preferably on the enemy).
It takes some time to compensate the spray patterns but it’s really worth it getting these down!

Use your minimap

Another thing a lot of people underestimate is the glorious minimap that is always with you.

It is the go-to element on your screen for valuable information about your team positions but more importantly your enemies’ positions that light up on the map once they have been spotted.

Of course your team will call out positions anyway so you might think it might be redundant.

Trust me, not everything is going to be called, simply because you can’t convey 5 information fragments in 5 seconds in CS:GO, there might be other important things you need to know and you can save yourself one or two questions just by glimpsing at your minimap once in a while.

Learn the maps you play the most

This one will save you a lot of improper call outs and give you a lot of room to estimate enemy movements and common spots for you to check.

By knowing how a map is built and where everyone spawns you can roughly tell where at what time other players can be lurking or appear.

This is a short point but still pretty valuable.

Keep in mind some maps like to receive tons of updates, improvements and changes which could be significant enough to put you off which means if you don’t want any surprises you should take a look at the changelogs regulary.

Changes do not only apply to maps!

Watch people who are better than you

Since the CS:GO community is REALLY huge you won’t have a problem finding someone or a YouTube channel you can watch for additional and valuable techniques.

If you watch someone play a match instead of a guide, question everything he does and why he decided to do something over something else.

However, that works the other way around as well, if you think someone made a poor decision you could figure out what could have been done better, no one is perfect after all.

Lastly you could try the Overwatch (not the game) feature you unlock later in the game by meeting certain criteria, though it may not the best source for gameplay
(because of cheaters) to watch it can definitely be helpful, alternatively, CS:GO lists some random matches from a wide variety of skill levels to watch as well!… With hopefully less cheaters.

If you want to watch something outside the game I can suggest to check out the YouTube channel “timeisbutawindow” who does gameplay videos and also Overwatch cases, if it’s not your cup of tea, there is A LOT of people creating content around CS:GO.

Turn up your sound

The probably second most useful source of information above the minimap and right under the visuals, of course.

Just like knowing your favorite maps in your selection pool knowing, getting a feel of distance when it comes to sounds like footsteps and thundering guns can help you point out more exact positions, again, valuable information to help you a step closer to one more won round for you!

Sounds give even more information away than just positions, you can also figure out when to push or peek for an offensive on your enemy if you hear them reloading, not only do you know where they reload, they also cannot shoot back while reloading, becoming completely vulnerable without any other precautions, an easy kill.

You can also get random information occasionally on round start because some people just like to fire their AWP for no reason at round start, better for you: now you know what to prepare for and what areas are dangerous for you when a sniper is guarding it!

In my opinion the sounds show a lot that you can use almost everything in the game for your sweet advantage! Be careful though, it can also be used against you,
look at this video about what enemies can hear from 3kliksphilip if you are interested!

Remember it is a team game

If you really want to go forward really smooth and also quicker, communicating with your teammates helps greatly not only is it yet another source of important information but you can pull off cool and functional strategies with them you cannot do alone.

It is even better if you find a fixed team with people you mostly play with.

When having a fixed team the synergy is way higher and will also improve morale, overall better mood, prevent tilting and having an occasional laugh once in a while!

You can also have all this in a game with only random people, though it is much less likely.

Just enjoy the game and play

This is really a no-brainer and there isn’t much to say about it,
however there are ways to play more effectively and make more use of the playtime you accumulate as you could read.

Do not listen to the kind of people who simply tell you to “just play more” there are other ways more valuable for your time, sure there are no real shortcuts but putting in hard work, but also don’t you have to invest time “improving” with useless ways, like opening cases.

That was a lot…

It certainly was, but you don’t have to take on everything at once, focus on one thing and come back here to look what you can do next.

That concludes already a lot to process and things to work on!

I am certain there are a lot more aspects and tricks out there since this game is still evolving and constantly changing.

Obviously without the willpower and a bit of passion (having fun is a form of passion!) for this game you won’t get far in the first place, so remember to simply enjoy the game as it is!

If you have any feedback, suggestions on what I can add or criticism feel free to leave a comment on the bottom and don’t forget to leave a like if you liked it!

Any of these things, either positive or negative, are appreciated and helpful!

Have a good day and happy practicing!


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