Unknown Battle Review

Have you ever bought one of these “10 random steam keys” on really REALLY reputable sites?

Please, don’t fall for these kinds of products even if they are cheap and look like you get more out of it.

However, the only benefit you will receive from random steam keys is mental distress.

Trust me, you will never ever even install a fraction of these games.

Unknown Battle is just an example of what can happen to you… and how hell may look like.

unknown battle this is how hell looks like
Basically hell. Red glaring lasers and bear traps.

What is actually good

That is what I genuinely struggle with, I have no idea what to praise that game for.

You might have already guessed that this will not be a positive kind of review or positive opinion.

Imagine a game that you have the most fun with by laughing at it.

While playing it I was letting a friend watch me play and our enjoyment came from ridiculous bugs to laugh at.

unknown battle timer counting down going into the negative
Even the timer that counts down does not work, just one of many flaws

Oh, and it has Steam Trading Cards.

Everything miserable

You were probably expecting some kind of description of my experience while playing this game.

I have a different stance on structuring these kind of reviews.


Because I think it’s safe to say that if the experience was miserable, it should be listed under the negatives as a whole.

Although the game can be easily bought for under 50 cents, the developer takes 4€ or $4 for it, which I feel is outrageous.

Here is a list what you get for it:

Bugged options menu, unreasonable difficulties, flickering shadows, teleporting shadows, disruptive lighting, subtitle language is inconsistent, the hud is flying all over the screen, less than basic game elements, physics on moving platforms is not predictable, jumping feels like having weights on your feet, chances on whether a jump works in the first place depends on the resolution and therefore framerate, if you are slightly below 60 fps the game is literally unbeatable, inputs are also delayed, objects fly right through you, before mentioned timer won’t stop counting past zero, repetitive obstacles like moving lasers and bear traps…

Oh, wait, Steam Trading Cards!

unknown battle flying hud
On greater movement speeds the HUD starts to fly around. Great fun!

Trust me, there is so much more wrong with the game such as taking damage from nothing.

I will share my suffering with one particular section of the game.

There was this one jump and run “dimension” which forced me to change my resolution down to save frames and to jump more reliably.

And there are only TWO checkpoints in this HUGE section.

It was extremely difficult to time and estimate jumps properly and not start over again.

In short, not a really pleasant experience.


Unknown Battle IS trash.

I guess that’s what you get for a game that is obtainable almost for free.

This game is lacking creativity, optimization, content and is devoid of any fun that does not include making fun of it with a friend.

Also, you may have noticed difference image resolutions and sizes.
This is due to the nature of the game, changing the resolution in the game is REQUIRED if you want to beat it.

If you, for whatever reason, like to try Unknown Battle out yourself, here is the Steam store page.

Or alternatively, you can get it from key reselling sites for under 50 cents.
(Although I do not like supporting any of them)

Since I have no clue why anyone would want to play it knowing what it includes I would suggest playing a game like The Elder Scrolls: Online.
Check out my article about it, here!

If you like what you read feel free to leave feedback on anything, feedback is always helpful and is supportive.

Have a nice day!

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